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5 Audio Engineer Gift Ideas

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5 Gift Ideas
For A Producer/Audio Engineer

Gift giving is often a challenge and we all know how hard it can be finding the right present for someone. If you know an audio engineer it can be even tougher with the majority of top quality equipment being at quite a high price range. If you’re an audio engineer it’s just as tough, being bombarded with questions about what you would like, but having no idea what to say. You probably want a nice compressor like a 1176 or a vintage microphone, but unfortunately you’re not willing to give up your presents for the next 20 years to get it.

So here at Pop Audio we’re put together a list of 5 useful things that would make the perfect present without breaking the bank!


Something Funky

In the studio you don’t always want to get a completely clean and crystal clear recording. Sometimes you just want to distort something and mess it up to add a different sonic texture or vibe to the track. This is where fun toys can come in handy.

A cheap nasty microphone that you can use and abuse would do just the trick, or how about a microphone designed just for this job. Check out Copperphone mics or if you want to give your recordings that extra bang how about a real shotgun mic made from a 12” shotgun cartridge at 12 Gauge Microphones. But it doesn’t have to stop there, hit a car boot sale or a charity shop and have a dig around, no matter what it is as long as it works it will add something different to your recordings!

Budget: As cheap as you can haggle


A Quality Pop Filter

Your Pop Filter has been causing you issues probably since the day you bought it. It is fiddly to attach to a mic stand, droops and doesn’t sound particularly good. It annoys you every session but you never do something about it. Now is the perfect time as our Pop Filter fixes all of these problems.

It won’t droop, will stay exactly where you put it, clamps on in an instant and the filters are the most acoustically transparent ones on the market. Simply click here to find out more information, view our range and make each recording session stress free.

Budget: From £40


A Reamp Box

It’s always fun to manipulate sound once you’ve recorded it and get creative with adding tone and texture to a track. To do this quickly and easy get a reamp box. This will take any recorded signal and allow you to run it through guitar amps, stomp boxes and just about anything else.

Warning, you may spend hours and hours doing this and just playing with cool effects. A top tip of ours is to run a drum recording back out to a guitar amp and then record it back in and mix to add a bit of grit to your drum sound!

Budget: From £65


A Cigarette Box Guitar Amp

You don’t always need a big amp to get a big sound. Loads of amp makers are now making absolutely tiny guitar amps which again can bring creativity and new tones into your recording allowing you to think outside the box and make your tracks unique. These also tie in perfectly with tip 4 because you can send other signals into these. Want a crunchy snare, reamp it into a crunchy, fizzy little amp. Lots more fun than sitting around playing with plugin settings all day!

Budget: From $30


A Cable Tester

I know, these have all been fun up until now but how often do you end up troubleshooting a signal chain and it ends up being a faulty cable. You put it to one side and then it somehow makes its way back onto a cable hook to catch you out on another session.

By having a cable tester you can quickly troubleshoot if the cable is working or not and when you know for sure it isn’t you can put it to one side to fix. You can also use the cable tester to eliminate the cable being the problem and get to the cause of the issue quicker than having to put a whole new cable out only to find it was something else in the chain causing the issue.

It’s a bit boring, but it is a godsend when you need it most… and its better than socks!

Budget: From £25