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Want to take your home studio to the next level without spending thousands on gear found in pro studios? Here are some low-cost items and ideas to add some pro studio to your home studio!

You may think you have everything you need for your home studio, but here we share some tricks of the trade about kit that you never knew you needed. Read this article to find out more.

We set out to create the ultimate Pop Filter and turn it from a peice of equipment that was disposible into one that would stand the test of time. In this artcile we explore why and how we did that.

Our filters remove plosives in two different ways. In this article we explore exactly how they do it.

What makes our filters different from the rest? In this article we explain how they work and what makes them so much better than whats come before.

We give you five gift ideas that won't break the bank but will help to improve your sound.

Frustrated with the quality of your vlogs?  We've got 5 tips of how to improve your sound!

We sit down with Grammy Award winning mix engineer and producer, Simon Gogerly to talk music, studio equipment and more!

We take a look at the incredible reviews the Pop Audio Pop Filter has been getting from across the world